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Defence against charges of assault and uttering threats

If you have been called to appear before the courts for assault or uttering threats in Quebec or Ontario, contact Pierre M. Gauthier Attorney or Meghann Tousignant. A good defence may allow you to obtain an absolute discharge (no criminal record).


Sections 265 to 270 of the Criminal Code define assault as the intentional use of force, whether armed or not, against a person without his or her consent. The penalties vary depending on the type of assault that you are accused of, the circumstances surrounding the event, the injuries inflicted and your background. A sentence for armed assault can lead to 10 years in prison. Therefore, it is crucial to be properly represented.


Have you been accused of uttering threats? According to Section 264.1 of the Criminal Code, anyone who utters threats in order to intimidate someone, either directly or indirectly, may be called to appear in court. For example, if you have attempted to intimidate someone by causing them to believe that you might hurt them, cause their death or the death of their pet or damage their property, you may need the services of a lawyer.

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