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Do you need criminal lawyers to defend you?

If you face criminal charges, ensure that you have a competent criminal defence lawyer to defend you.

Pierre M. Gauthier, a criminal lawyer for more than 20 years, and Meghann Tousignant practice exclusively criminal and penal law.

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Defence against highway safety code infractions

Have you received a ticket for an offence related to the Highway Safety Code? If you only have a few demerit points left and you believe you have a defence against the charges, call Pierre M. Gauthier and Meghann Tousignant Attorneys.

Impaired driving

Any person driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is liable to a criminal conviction. The penalties vary according to the accused's background. Discuss your case with the team at Gauthier & Tousignant Avocats Inc. in order to receive a proper defence in court.

Driving during a prohibition period

Were you arrested for driving during a period when a judge prohibited you from driving a motor vehicle? If so, you will face a charge of driving during a period of prohibition, as defined in Section 259 of the Criminal Code, and risk a maximum of five years in prison. Call Gauthier & Tousignant Avocats Inc. to discuss your options.

Hit and run

According to Section 252 of the Criminal Code, you are guilty of hit and run if you fail to stop your vehicle or refuse to give your name and address if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. You may also be held responsible if you do not offer assistance to a person who is injured or in need of assistance. The maximum sentence for a hit and run offence is five years in prison. Be sure to consult with Pierre M. Gauthier or Meghann Tousignant if you face such charges.

Dangerous driving

Section 249 of the Criminal Code defines dangerous driving as driving a vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public, taking into consideration the nature and condition of the vehicle, the use of the vehicle and the intensity of traffic. This ambiguous definition allows your attorney to rely on mitigating factors to increase your chances of being acquitted.

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