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Sexual Assault

Sex crime accusations are very serious in Quebec and Ontario. If you face this type of charge, call Me Pierre M. Gauthier or Meghann Tousignant. You deserve an experienced lawyer to defend you and guide you through the court process.

A lawyer defending against all sex crime charges

According to Section 271 of the Criminal Code, there are three degrees of sexual assault. The circumstances surrounding the event will determine the degree.

First-degree sexual assault

First-degree sexual assault is when a person intentionally applies or threatens to apply force in order to harm the sexual integrity of the victim. A maximum term of 10 years in prison is possible in such a case. Call Me Pierre M. Gauthier or Meghann Tousignant today if you are charged with this crime.

Second-degree sexual assault

Second-degree sexual assault involves an aggravating factor: a weapon. You will be charged with second-degree sexual assault if you carried a weapon, or if you used or threatened to use a weapon or an imitation weapon when committing a sexual assault. You will also be charged if you have inflicted bodily harm or threatened someone other than the victim with bodily harm, either alone or as part of a group. A maximum sentence of 14 years in prison applies in such cases.

Third-degree sexual assault

Third-degree sexual assault involves assault ranging from qualified to serious. The perpetrator committed the crime while the victim was injured, mutilated, disfigured or while the victim’s life was in danger. The maximum sentence for such a crime is life in prison. Ensure that you have a good lawyer to defend yourself against such charges.

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