Criminal and penal lawyers at your service in Saint-Jérôme

A criminal charge is a serious matter. Trust a competent lawyer who will understand you and provide you with effective help. Pierre M. Gauthier and Meghann Tousignant, attorneys, practice exclusively the defence of individuals, and offer Legal Aid services for those who are experiencing financial difficulties. Contact us to defend your rights.

Pierre Gauthier

Pierre M. Gauthier has been involved in criminal cases since 1992. He has pleaded numerous cases in French and English at trial in municipal courts, the Court of Québec and the Superior Court. His areas of expertise include sexual assault, driving and traffic offences, theft and fraud and assault and uttering threats.

Meghann Tousignant

Meghann Tousignant is a young lawyer who practices criminal law. She studied Law at the University of Ottawa, and defends cases in English and in French. In addition to defending the individual accused at the Court of Québec in criminal chambers, she also represents those who have traffic offenses causes in the municipal courts of Quebec.

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